The Best Flight Simulator Games

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Playing flight simulator games really is the next best thing to flying the actual plane! Its great fun just to have the realistic experience of flying a real-life plane, but flight simulation games can also be a great preparation for flying a plane in real life. There is one flight simulator in fact which has been voted so realistic, its been universally recognized as being the most realistic flight simulator that’s the closest thing to a real plane you can really get.

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The Flight Simulation Game That's Used By Real Pilots!

The flight simulator software that has become so highly regarded as the world's most realistic, has caught the attention of the FAA and they now use it to train their pilots. The game not only has a real looking cockpit, it also has super-realistic scenery and aircraft design too.

This is really advanced software that has turned the flight sim game industry on its head. Other software manufacturers are running to catch up with this program for the PC and at the moment is the best of its kind.

You get to choose which aircraft you fly in too. You get to choose from over 200+ different types of plane and helicopter. Way more choice than just your average pilot who can only choose from what is in front of him! You can even choose where to fly them too. As the game comes preloaded with a variety of different locations and scenery all in stunning detail for you to choose from.